Does ArcadeMate theme have license?

Yes, ArcadeMate theme have single domain license, which will allow you to update* your theme and receive support for licensed domain name. Each license is valid for bug-free* updates and access to support.

Can I use this template for other script platforms?

No. You cannot. The template is made exclusively for WordPress and you should have MyArcadePlugin to use the theme.

Are the template exclusive/unique for me?

No, They are multi-user premium template. If you’re looking for custom made unique template, Click here to Contact us with your requirements and budget.

Can I Use My Template/Theme On Multiple Sites?

No, Each Template/Theme purchase are strictly for single domain usage.

Will my website get down if ArcadeMate.com server is down?

No, You have full access to the files. We do not host any files on our server. There is no chance of experiencing downtime if our server is down. unless if there is some problem on your end.

Does my theme/template have expiration ?

No, Your theme/template purchase will not expire. But do you have 1 year of free updates and support.

Can I resell or modify & resell your template?

You are not allowed to re-sell the template, or modify and use it on another domain name. The template license is exclusive only for the domain it has been purchased for. If you’re selling your website, you can transfer the full site to the new owner, But you cannot use the template license of the old domain on a new domain.

Can I get refunds after purchasing a template?

Once you make the payment and If the product is delivered to your email. We will not make any refunds. Refunds are strictly prohibited. Since, This is a Digital Item and there is no guarantee that you would have modified the files after purchasing it.

Which Payment Types Do You Accept?

We currently accept payments through Paypal ® only. You need to have a valid verified Paypal ® account to make a successful purchase.